ORDIBEHESHT house | 2007







   The house is located in "Abbassabad" one of the ancient districts of Esfahan.The land dimension is16.5*8 m (132 sqm ).The entrance in the south part is through a narrow dead end alley, other sides are surrounded by three more houses.

   According to the current laws, the northern 70% of the land is allowed to be occupied by the building. Over the altitude of 11m the building should be drawn back to prevent shadowing of the northern neighbor.

   The land is the property of our client, who has been a chemical injured devotee of Iraq war, with severe respiratory problems, is living with his wife (teacher) and two children (22,17years old).

This family is religious and introvert with low income.

 The physical program for 360sqm  is:

-Underground floor; including storage and resting area.

-Ground floor; including entrance and a single bedroom unit,which is connected to the first floor by a door and 3steps and can be completely isolated.

-First  and  second  floors  are  composed  of  three  bedrooms  duplex.

-Yard with the possibility of parking two cars.

   The structure is armed concrete, cooling system is water cooler and heating system is package with radiators.

   Facade and other interior details are based on using local materials in designing to decrease the cost .The cost of construction has been estimated to be about 242$ per sqm (total 87000$).The house has been built from spring of 2005 to summer of 2006.

   As it says the house is located in a narrow dead end, therefore by considering the neighboring with a building on the West and a big yard on the East, we tried to define the skyline of the facade of alley. The facade of building is made of an old-styled brick, which is locally called "Bahmany". This brick had also been used in the facade of the old opposite house.

   Considering the necessity of two car park areas in the yard, the green spots are designed to be increased in density from the center toward the periphery. We used the flowerboxes and pots on the facade to compensate the lack of green spaces.

   A big opening exposes the house to the old tree of the yard next to it, helping to use the sunlight of the East and South as far as possible; also the space organizing in the section makes the fruition of light, suitable view and good space connections possible to have an integrated space at levels.

   The big arch covering the library and sitting area increases the light exposure and heat. The bedroom window opens toward the sunrise and enjoys view of old tree.

   Special health conditions of our client has been considered in designing the interior details, for instance the kitchen has enough transparency as well as isolated so that the smell of food won't be distributed in the house.

   One of our main goals has been to find a perfect solution for designing in small lands in ancient contexts which can compete with pioneer architectural concepts in the world.

   In conclusion main concepts of the project have been: designing the urban facade, fluidity of spaces, different insights to designing of green areas in small spaces and designing of details based on cultural points of view.