villa for ANNA & SAEID | 2014
























The 1000 m2 land for Anna and Saeed Villa project that was proposed to us in September 2012 is in Zaitoon town, 10 km from the historical city of Isfahan in Iran. Zaitoon town is a small residential-villa complex with a highly dense villa texture, which mainly belong to physicians. It was realized through designing open spaces – as the main basis for formation collective behaviors – implementing it at different levels, and defining accesses and connection spaces like clamping rings and dynamic open spaces. This way, an entangled network of open spaces, sunken garden, central courtyard and terrace is formed, which can be used for various individual and collective behaviors instead of individual single-spaces. Outdoor space is used in a live and 3D connection with indoor space. As a result, building (open spaces and indoors) shaped like a tree as if people may climb and stay at different branches. In fact this interwoven network of open and semi-open personalized and privatized spaces (as observed in the original architecture of central Iran) shapes up a dwelling inspired by the spirit of the old times, yet articulated using modern-day language.

Not to mention that there were various characteristics attributed to the project, the most significant of which was taking into consideration the dense texture of the site as a villa complex on one hand, and the culture, Religious beliefs and life style practiced by the people of Isfahan on the other. The facets have considered to give birth to a new prototype, offering a solution to the paradoxical issue of an introvert villa.

Forming around open spaces, struck volumes encompass open spaces. While respecting introversion and privacy, the struck volumes maximize connection of close, open, and semi-open spaces. All close spaces of the project face the middle gap through which communicate outdoor space. This is how they revive pattern of familiar Iranian architecture (central courtyard, terrace and sunken garden).

Another challenge the project in question is confronted with is the attempt to control climate conditions of the arid desert land surrounding it, and to deliver translucent spaces at the same time. 

Foundation of the project is about 420 m2 in three stories. It has a steel structure with a composite roof. It is heated by radiators and packages and cooled by evaporative coolers. The project was completed in September their 1000sqm land , Saeed and his wife Anna wanted a weekend house to gather their big family.A saloon big enough for the family was what they ‘ve been thinking about. In fact they didn’t count on using open spaces while it was surrounded by the neighbors and also the street passengers in a small distance who could see the pool, …

This summer however they go to the house playing, swimming, having their own private spaces and at the same time gather in a bigger group called family.